Highbury Polyester Luggage Set with 8 Rolling Spinner/Suitcase Set with 8 Wheels - 71cm / 28 inches, 61cm / 24 inches, 55cm / 18 inches

SKU: HBY-0104 -18 INCH - Grey Stripe




Small (18") - Cabin Size Approved (please check individual airline restrictions)

Dimensions (including wheels): H 52 x W 35 x D 23 (cm) | H 20.47" x W 13.78" x D 07.87"

Weight: 3.1kg | 6.83lbs

Capacity: 36.445 litres


Medium (24")

Dimensions (including wheels): H 66 x W 40 x D 27 (cm) | H 25.98" x W 15.75" x D 10.63"

Weight: 3.8kg | 8.38lbs

Capacity: 71.408 litres (expanded 79.334 litres)


Large (28")

Dimensions (including wheels): H 76 x W 45 x D 31 (cm) | H 29.92" x W 17.72" x D 12.20"

Weight: 4.30kg | 9.48lbs

Capacity: 106.188 litres (expanded 116.546 litres)

Please note that dimensions, weight, and performance are approximate. All cases come with a 5-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.


These exceptional trolley cases from Highbury showcase a mesmerizing grey striped print with a touch of designer flair, truly setting them apart from the ordinary. They offer the perfect solution for carrying all your family travel essentials with utmost convenience and unmatched style, all in one splendid package.


Designed to make your travels seamless, the cases are equipped with a user-friendly push-button telescopic pull handle and four smooth-rolling spinner wheels. Glide through airports and stations effortlessly, as these cases ensure easy maneuverability throughout your journey.


With their striking appearance and functional features, these Highbury wheeled trolley cases are the epitome of elegance and practicality. Get ready to embark on your adventures in the most fashionable and convenient way possible!

Need more space? No problem! The 24" and 28" cases come with a space expander. Simply unzip it for extra packing capacity when required. These luxury luggage sets are tailored for world-class travelers like you. Embark on your journeys with elegance and ease, and enjoy the experience to the fullest!


Choose Highbury for exceptional quality and unmatched style in your travel accessories.

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