Highbury Cabin Size Flight bag With Strap, Personalized Luggage Tag, Weekender bag, Holiday Bag

SKU: HBY0005 - Multi Box


Say goodbye to boring, impersonal luggage and travel in style with the Highbury flight bag. This chic and modern bag will have you gliding through airports and hotels in refined elegance. With personalised options available, you can keep your personal belongings secure by customising your own unique luggage tag. On top of that, the beautiful, colourful box print ensures that both you and your bag always look fashionable - and no one else has one like it! The perfect accessory for any jet-setter looking to make a statement this season, the Highbury flight bag offers an effortless way to travel with sophistication.

Ryanair / Thomson / BMIBaby
I.A.T.A (International Flights)
check with your airline - sizes may vary

Weight: 0.65kg (1.43 Ibs)
Approx Size: 47cm x 30cm x 20cm
volume: 28.20 Itr
Material: Polyester
Optional genuine leather Personalised Luggage Tag

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